The latest Witches out-of Escazu gave beginning to a terrifying legend understood due to the fact Maria La Negra

The latest Witches out-of Escazu gave beginning to a terrifying legend understood due to the fact Maria La Negra

Maria La Negra

Maria is actually a black woman which stayed in Escazu and you can are known as one of several last, well known witches in the region. Residents feared Maria while they thought she had the power to help you alter by herself with the a large, black pig. When her dad receive their own into the a-deep trance performing rituals at the rear of their unique family, she cautioned him not to share with people on which he had seen. After understanding you to her daddy enjoys mutual their secret to the residents, Maria considered vindictive. She cast a spell one to caused the death of certainly their favorite grandkids and you can constantly harassed him in the form of this new ghostly and you can monstrous black pig. The fresh legend of Maria La Negra is the most of several stories you to definitely borrowing women that have adaptive efforts – constantly choosing to get it done shortly after are upset in life.

New woman means chances

Just like the greater part of stories mentioned thus far borrowing from the bank feminine with a comparatively complex characteristics, other people enjoys a that-sided purpose. The information, information and you may electricity one profile the ladies within these tales, usually carried an amount of threat in it. Tales eg La Mona and ples of this. Some of the later legends want to focus on that it dark front side and you can share with a horrific tale and a beneficial morality facts. On these stories an effective female’s studies try risky, her beauty try deceiving, along with her power try terrifying.

Los angeles Segua

One morality facts tells the storyline of the Segua, an effective cursed woman out of Cartago who seeks in order to entrap wandering men. Immediately after a gorgeous girl, she fell in love with a good Foreign-language officer who would key their unique to the sexual misconduct so you’re able to up coming hop out the metropolis never to become read from again. Inspired nuts from the his disappearance along with her own disgrace, she became a great hideous monster residents reference due to the fact Los angeles Segua. She’s believed to return to their own gorgeous self and you will waiting by desolate ways to have naive men. After they is lured for the by their own beauty and provide their a lift, they show up one on one with a beast into head regarding a horse and you will consuming red eyes.

Brand new morality talks so you can men both. They alerts men towards dangers of gorgeous and you will lonely female who’ll lure him or her regarding their own families. Towards female, they shows one shedding towards the tips of males have awful effects.

La Llorona

La Llorona are a good legend which is extensively advised in Costa Rica and also the remainder of Latin The united states. It informs the story from a lovely young woman named Maria just who stayed in a rural area. When an abundant nobleman are traveling thanks to their unique village and observed her, they certainly were instantaneously attracted to per other’s appeal. The fresh nobleman recommended and you can Maria gladly acknowledged. If you find yourself Maria’s moms and dads was in fact pretty happy she are ily, the nobleman’s father try very distressed that their child are marrying into poverty. So you can escape their disapproving father, the happy couple oriented a house regarding community and you can compensated truth be told there.

Shortly after particular years, Maria offered delivery in order to two sons and are shedding their particular young appeal. Their own spouse was spending less much less date yourself and you can when he did, the guy simply had eye getting his sons. When he https://kissbrides.com/fi/kambodzalaiset-morsiamet/ arrived with a young woman and you may said good-bye to help you his sons entirely disregarding their partner, Maria fell into the a fit off frustration and you will got her college students down into this new lake and you will drowned her or him. Immediately following back into particular level of peaceful, despair and you can feel dissapointed about quickly befell their and you may she seriously arrived at come across their particular boys. Some days later on she try discovered dead by the lake financial.

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